August 10, 2007

Vick Case Collects Idiots Like Flies

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months you've heard about Michael Vick and his impending dogfighting trial. All in all it's a fairly routine type of accusation/investigation. There's nothing particularly gruesome about the case (he didn't use dogs to attack little kids for example). In fact, if this was some kid named Bobby Lee instead of Mike Vick we probably would have never heard about it. But instead it is Mike Vick, (incase you've been under a rock for the past few years he's the starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons), and because of that it's big news. And whenever there's big celebrity news, there's tens of thousands of idiots pouring out of the woodworks just waiting for me to catch them stepping in it.

In browsing through sports news feeds (I get them off of yahoo mostly since my job blocks ESPN and SI, go figure), I found nearly a dozen different articles describing the immense stupidity of all parties not really involved in the case.

First up, the NFL. They were awfuly quick to drop a suspension on the man who hasn't even been tried yet. He just pled not guilty last week. Seriously if he's aquitted, I hope he sues. And while he's suing people he should add every company that canceled deals with him. Most prominently guilty of this are Nike, Reebok and Upper Deck. But they aren't the biggest idiots involved in this fiasco. They're just capitulating to pressure from the vegitards over at P.E.T.A. who really deserve an entire blog dedicated to how stupid they are.

The three biggest dogmines that I've seen come off of this case, today alone, are as follows:

3. SCLC will not recognize Vick at convention
The SCLC is a very important and very good group of people. And even the thought that they might end up on this blog hurts me to no end. Just last week it's all, we're here to support Mike Vick because he's a decent human being. But now they're reniging on their promise just like everyone else. The sad thing is they actually think that saying that they need to focus on real problems in the Black community is a good enough reason. Right. Those problems have been there for decades. Certainly long before you decided to recognize him in the first place. Grow up and pick a side.

2. Michael Vick dogfighting case opens racial divide
Yaay! My first real post and I get to talk about race. And if ever there was proof that this country is not as far past racism as it thinks it is, it is this. Let a prominent Black person be accused of something and watch someone try to turn it into a racial divide. I mean of course there are the random jerkoffs who make stupid comments in situations like this. But then there are the people who really think they're trying to be sincere and point out that ooh look the People for the Enthronement of Animals are mostly white and the fans of a guy who plays for a team in a predominantly Black city are mostly Black. Wow, genius.

1. Those Darn Protestors
If you want to talk about protesters in this case how about we talk about the fact that the most prominent comments from Vick supporters have been things like "Support Due Process" and his detractors have been coming up with such gems as "New Team Name? Dog Killers?" Oh, by the way, that last one wasn't even directed at Vick. It was on a plane flying over the Falcons training camp during a practice Mike wasn't even allowed to be at. How does that serve any purpose? How is calling for a man (a human being) to be murdered and neutered any better than what he's accused of. And anyhow, I thought threats of physical violence were on that list of exceptions to the first amendment? Racial divide my ass. How about batshit crazy people on on side and rational supporters of law and order on the other?

For the record, I haven't decided which side I'm on. It's certainly a deplorable crime, if he did it. But you know it's not like he's been accused of rape for example. Maybe Vick would have been better off if he was being accused of rape. At least he wouldn't have been suspended. And there probably wouldn't be anywhere near as many protesters. But that's a different post.

For today it's congradulations to P.E.T.A, Nike, Reebok, Upper Deck, and about a thousand other companies and individuals. You just stepped in it.

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