August 17, 2007

Useless Then - Usless Now

Clear backpacks were a useless measure when I was a kid back in the early 90s and they're still a useless measure today. I wish I had the photos kids in my district used to illustrate this but it's easy enough to duplicate. Take one jacket, stuff into clear backpack. Contents are now hidden. Not to mention that weapons don't have to go into the bag to make it into the school.

An intelligent alternative is to require kids to keep all backpacks in their locker. An even better alternative is to minimize the number of heavy textbooks kids have to carry back and forth every day, eliminating the need for backpacks altogether. You don't really need to take every book to every class and you don't need to have most books in class at all. Sadly like most things, the idiots that come up with these ideas are unwilling to make the real changes necessary to fix the problems instead of applying bandaid solutions like this.

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